Discover, Explore, Evolve. 


The Nurture Map is a living breathing model of wellbeing we work from and are guided by to build a unique series of workshops in order to mentor you through to help you create the life you desire.

The Nurture Map breaks down into three main features:

* Nurture Map Coaching tool – This is the map where it all started a decade ago, the map I created to help with my own evolution and the map we use today to create workshops, materials and resources to deliver the tools, techniques and skills to support you in creating your life.

* Nurture Map Library – A growing range of workshops in varying forms. These are delivered in various ways. 1-1 workshops are the most popular but are also delivered online in the NM community group. They are grouped together as either daily, weekly or monthly workshops.

Like to choose your own adventure? You also have access to the library so you can cherry pick any set of group or individual workshops and tailor it to how you’re feeling, how you would like to feel and where you would like to take your Nurture Map adventure.

* Your Unique Nurture Map – Through all of the above you are guided in creating you own individual Nurture Map which acts as your own personal framework for mental wellbeing and personal development.

The map starts in the centre and represents the opportunity to reset your life and together we explore seven unique different branches and build up personal adventure to creating your life.

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