I was lucky to have my own personal sex guru in Chris. A great listener and full of wonderful advice.
At the time I was really excited to be in a new relationship with someone I trusted completely but I felt like I had no idea what to do as it was all so new and I realised I had my own issues to deal with. Chris encouraged me to open up about my past and not be scared to try new things with my partner and came up with lots of ideas with products and toys. His own breadth of experience with so many products and toys means he’s a font of knowledge in this area.
He also gave me the confidence to suggest new things to my partner and try things by myself, including some great recommendations of films to watch.
Chris is so easy to talk to, totally non-judgemental and always manage to suggest the right thing, as he seems to have the natural ability to empathise and tune in to what you need. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone else, whether you just wanted an injection of spice into your love life or whether you had more deep set issues you wanted to work through.
My partner and I are now married and happier than ever, and the overflowing drawer of naughtiness we own and use is definitely thanks to the wonderful Chris.
Mrs P

I have spoken to Chris about a whole range of issues from parenting to vibrators and what I love is that openness and honesty is there whatever the subject. I have always been able to talk to Chris without being afraid of judgement or recrimination, something that I find very hard to do even with those closest to me because i’m afraid of what people will think of me. There is a luxury in having someone like that to turn to for advice because it means nothing is off limits and you can never be in total isolation.
Chris has helped me change the way I look at things particularly in terms of my sexual awareness. I’ve grown up in an environment where anything of a sexual nature was a taboo and something not to be discussed and I’ve taken that into adulthood. Discussing certain issues with Chris, reading his reviews on sex related products has not only opened my mind to what’s out there but made me realise that it’s ok to talk about and want to experience these things.
Quite often I have received advice without Chris even realising it because of who he is and what he’s about. He’s very clear on what’s important in life. I’ve really taken that in over the time I’ve known Chris subliminally almost because of the level of openness that Chris has. When I’m struggling with certain things I do sometimes finding myself thinking what would Chris do or tell me and it helps. He has an amazing clarity with which he views life and what he wants from it which I admire and have tried to learn from and take with me into my own life.

What to say about Chris! He has, literally, been my guiding light in times of darkness. He listens and seriously considers before offering advice of any sort, flavouring it with flexible options that suit the specific situation, simple enough to be used in critical and also day to day situations. He has an honesty that is refreshingly tinged with a very down to earth, friendly and supportive manner that is essential when you are yourself teetering emotionally. I am proud to call him my friend as well as confidant.

I could not be happier, you’ve just sewn up my last insecurity too.
F. D.

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